Personal Protection

Personal Protection

We have fully trained Personal Protection Dogs (PPD) for all phases of training at home, personal, and executive protection. The process starts with the client and family interview. You can select a dog and a customized training program that fits your needs and budget ($10,000 to $35,000). 

After the K-9 training program, your family will learn how to integrate and live with a PPD in your home environment. All dogs come with equipment, health, and a workability guarantee.

What is a Personal Protection Dog?

Contrary to popular belief, protection dogs are awesome family dogs. They are not aggressive dogs. Aggression typically derives from fear. A well-trained personal protection dog is most often calm, collected, and driven to protect when they feel the threat is a true perceivable threat. 

Another misconception is that this breed is only used for police or protection work and that it will automatically protect you and your family. What makes a great personal protection dog is its level of drive and temperament. With the correct training, they can control themselves and distinguish threats. A properly trained personal protection dog is a great companion and a cherished member of the family!

Protection dogs must have a high drive to excel at their work. High drive means a dog is highly active, both mentally and physically, and requires plenty of exercises as well as mental stimulation just to be able to relax. The temperament of the dog must be calm, confident, and well-balanced in social skills and settings.

Three Levels of Protection Dogs

Level 1: Family, Home, and Estate

These dogs are trained for a family’s personal residence and estate. They are primarily trained to alert the family of a potential threat, giving them enough time to call law enforcement or remove themselves to a secure position. 

Level 1 protection dogs will bark aggressively and indicate where the threat is coming from. They are not trained to bite, but rather ward off potential threats by acting aggressively.

Level 2: Personal Protection

The personal protection dog is utilized for those who generally fear for their safety or are at a high risk of being confronted due to age, gender, profession, or past experience. These dogs are trained to go everywhere and anywhere with the individual. They go through a rigorous training regimen to ensure that they are stable and friendly with family members.

The primary job of the personal protection dog is to ensure the individual’s safety by engaging the threat on command. They are trained to disable the threat until it is subdued. This will allow a safe escape for the individual or until law enforcement arrives to place the subject into custody.

Level 3: Executive Protection

Executive protection dogs (EPDs) are trained specifically for high-level threat individuals, families, business executives, and high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry, or law enforcement and government agencies. 

EPDs are fully capable of protecting their owners at home, work, or during travel. These dogs are put through a rigorous training program to ensure the most reliable protection for our clients’ demanding lifestyles.