Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program

This program is designed for dogs that show signs of aggression as determined during the evaluation.

Program Principles

  • Problem-Solving and Behavior Modification for Aggression: Fear, Anxiety, Dog-on-Dog Resource Guarding, and Barrier Aggression
  • Socialization: Interact With People and Dogs of Similar Temperaments When Appropriate
  • Confidence and Focus: Building a Happy and Healthy Dog

Daily Training Sessions

  • Customized Training: Unique to Each Case
  • Foundational Commands: Sit, Stay, Recall, Down, Place, etc.
  • Field Trips to Public Areas When Appropriate
  • Individual and Group Sessions

You will Receive:

  • Training collar and training treats included.
  • Texts, photos, and videos throughout your dog’s stay to keep you updated on his or her progress.
  • A bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning before send-home, depending on your dog’s temperament.
  • One-hour send home lesson designed to transfer the knowledge and skills developed during your dog’s training and a customized report and booklet outlining your dog’s progression through the program.
  • Aggression and Handling seminar.
  • Your trainer will also work with you on how to continue the training in a style that best suits your dog’s temperament.
  • 2 additional follow-up lessons to use within 30 days at our facility.